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About MilaModels

Milamodels agency started in 2016 by Camilla Ferm
We are a serious company, focusing on new and not so frequently used models of all ages and of different sexes.
We live in a global world and the multi-cultural is important to us. All models from all cultures are welcome to us!

We have a vision to find the beauty within all persons, small and big, young and old, blonde and dark, women and men etc.
Our main purpose is to find new models. We are convinced that you can find the beauty in all human beings.

As we live in one world we work internationally but we have our main operation in Spain and in Sweden.

To succed in model job it is important to work with a serious agency, where you can have conficence and personal relations. We from Milamodels is a good choice and we also have a big red of contacts all over the world.

We present both models with big experience and new models with little experience and we are constantly looking for new talents to cooperate with.